Health Benefit of Activated Charcoal For Your Skin Care

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April 12, 2020
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April 13, 2020

Health Benefit of Activated Charcoal For Your Skin Care

Activated charcoal is not the same substance as that found in charcoal bricks or burnt pieces of food. It is an odourless black powder. The beauty of this charcoal is that it has many health benefits.
It has a variety of proposed benefits, ranging from lowering cholesterol to whitening teeth and others. Also, it is often used as an anti-poison treatment or to treat drug overdoses.
In this video, we summarize the health benefits of this powerful charcoal and how to combine it for your skincare routine.

Activated charcoal may be able to assist kidney function by filtering out undigested toxins and drugs.

Health benefits of activated charcoal are summarized in this video. Watch it below. 

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